Business Green Rewards From American Express – The Best Credit Card Rewards Program

Readers of the Business Traveler magazine have voted the Business Green Rewards from American Express as the best credit cards rewards program. This credit card has a membership rewards program that lets you earn points for every dollar you spend. Side-by-side, you can redeem points for merchandise, travel and other business requirements.

The Business Green Rewards from American Express is a charge card. It requires the full payment of purchases made with the card on the arrival of the monthly bill. If you make a late payment, then you will be subject to the fees, which equals the greater amount between $30 or 2.99% of the balance that is overdue. The annual fee for the card is $95. This is convenient for you if you want to avoid the piling of credit card debt.

This card has a 0% introductory annual percentage rate (APR) on purchases and balance transfers. If you can pay your monthly bills on time, then the point-based rewards program will be fruitful for you.

Privileges Of Having The Card

The points you can gain using the Business Green Rewards from American Express are not limit-bound and they will never expire. The card helps you to conveniently manage your expenses. On your first purchase, you will get 5000 bonus points. As the redemption program is extensive, you can redeem your points in denominations of as low as 400.

You can also register and order additional Business Green Rewards cards, say for your employees. The cards will automatically be linked to your Membership Rewards Account and reward you with points for each dollar your employee spends on the card.

You can avail of the OPEN Savings scheme. This will require no codes or coupons and the savings will be added to the other discounts that you might have already received. The OPEN Network offers businesses with discounts on services like shipping, telephone, printing and car rentals. The program offers fee-free additional cards and has no pre-set spending cap on the card.

The network news informs you of the benefits and promotions, worthy business articles, advice of experts and business tools and resources. The Expense Management Reports help you in being aware of the business card expenditure by spending category, time-period, individual card member with the help of the information available for the current year and two previous fiscal years. This facility comes at no extra charge.

Added Perks

The purchase protection plan provides protection from/against theft and accidental damage for a period of 90 days from the purchase date. The return protection lets you return an item within 90 days from the purchase date, in which case you will be provided with the full refund of the price, up to the price of $300 for each item.

The rewards program of Business Green Rewards from American Express include emergency card replacement, insurance protection, access to round-the-clock customer service, travel accident insurance up to $100,000, auto rental insurance, check cashing assistance and an extended option of payment that lets you pay for large purchases over time.

Rollover Truck Accidents and Personal Injury Case

Many of us feel intimidated when you are driving on the road and a big commercial truck passing by. Well, you actually should be really intimidated and become alerted because the size of the truck makes it a big threat on the street. Any accident involving the big truck will cause serious dangers even when it was a rollover truck.

When a truck is rolled over, it will cause severe dangers not only for the driver of the truck but practically anyone on the road that time. Rolled over truck will suddenly block the road causing series of collision. It can also cause serious dangers to the ones on the pedestrian or building on the roadside. One truck rolled over, it can cause many people get serious injuries.

Most common cause for rollover truck accidents can be divided into two factors, the driver and the vehicle. On the driver side, it can be driver fatigue, lack of training, or driving under influence. On the vehicle side, it can be lack of maintenance, broken parts, improperly loaded, and others. Beyond those two, the nature can also take part like bad weather of earthquake.

Unfortunately, human factor is the highest cause of rollover truck accidents. Mostly it is because the driver works exceeding the permitted hours or failure to meet safety standards due to poor maintenance. Either way, someone’s negligence must be held accountable. If you are a victim of accident caused by rollover truck, you can sue the company owned or operated the truck for negligence to get the proper compensation. Don’t be afraid that the legal battle will bring you down because J Reyna Law Firm is ready to help. Yes, this is the leading personal injury law firm with good reputation representing victim or road accident. The attorneys at this law firm really know what to do to bring the responsible ones to the justice.

The Business Analyst, What Is His Job?

The Business Analyst is responsible for researching/analyzing the business requirements and assisting in translating technical requirements. He also recommends HR technology solutions for difficult and complex business problems and applies technical and functional knowledge to the improvement, maintenance and development of HR systems.

He will also be involved with the modeling and diagramming of the business problem as well as the solution. A process model is a description of a process in terms of its steps or actions. Analyst(BA) are continuously involved in communications with stakeholders, requirements gathering, business process improvements, testing and business case development.

Essentially the business analyst will help hold the mirror to any organization and reflect the realty of the front-line customer interaction. When you have successfully completed the certification exam, you will become a professional SEC Business Analyst and you will be given access to the Eyes2Ears Gateway. Writing and managing requirement documents, and creating the acceptable requirement documents.

You will work to educate your management for product success and failure. If your company or your clients company happens to be large enough to use accounting software. The profits, cash flow management and the financial planning needs can be enhanced and improved upon by using a well trained Business analyst.

Some experience is required with the use of Oracle databases. As well as experience with Java (1) requirements analysis. Some require 5 years experience building, optimizing and maintaining database and database applications. This Will depend upon your company requirements.

The business analysis helps an organization to improve how it will conduct its functions and activities in order to reduce overall costs, provide more efficient use of scarce resources and better support for customers.

The Institute of Business Analysis provides a certification program for business analysts (Certified Business Analyst Professional or CBAP), as well as providing a body of knowledge for the field (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge or BABOK).

The Business Analysts do not have a predefined and fixed role as they can take shape in operations scaling, Sales planning, stragety devising or even in the developmental process.

A good BA should be experienced in financial and expense performance, rate of return, depreciation, working capitol and investment is preferred. Once you gain the experience and knowledge to control and mentor a team of other Business Analysts your earnings should increase to within a range of $80 thousand to one hundred thousand dollars plus. Of course you will need experience in leadership, management consulting, strategic sourcing, integration and management change in evolving business climates.

A good Business Analyst will be able to use negotiation skills as well as motivational techniques for the project to succeed short and long term. The role also provides great business exposure opportunity as well as building on communication, writing and speaking skills.

The BA must have analytical, deductive reasoning and decision making skills sufficient to analyze the data and workflow, changing business requirements and the results of system testing. In many cases the role of a business analyst can be conflicting and confusing.

In many cases an inexperienced business analyst may have little experience in software development. In some cases the specifications written by these analysts may be unrealistic and unusable for development.

Systems are the invisible layer that connect actions and results. In conclusion the business analyst is not only concerned with the testing itself, but also with the management and monitoring of the users doing the testing , recording, analyzing and evaluating the results.